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About Health Harvest!

Health Harvest believes that for most organisations, employees are their most valuable assets. Given that most company’s employees spend the major part of their time at work, it follows that their nutrition status is determined mainly by what they eat at the workplace. Health Harvest strives to prepare food that promotes growth and help fight diseases. Scientific research has concluded that a healthy mind is more productive and so it follows that organisations must ensure an adequate healthy food intake for their workforce, as part of its long-term investment strategy. Health Harvest places a great emphasis on development and training for all staff, whether they are full-time, part-time or casual. Our training is designed in accordance with the clients’ needs, hygiene safety and timely service delivery. This ensures consistent access to high calibre staff that maintain high company values to provide the best of service to all clients. As such Health Harvest Foods service is provided by a highly qualified team of healthy employees, managing and operating the restaurants, canteens and services to exceed customer expectations. Health Harvest Foods has set the standard for creating memorable culinary experiences while establishing clients for life.

Trust us on Quality!

Corporate Values

Our guiding Principles

  • Building long-term, mutually-beneficial and sustainable business relationships,
  • Delivering innovative solutions to suit all budgets, to create long term client relationships,
  • Client focused
  • Delivering on our promise of continuous improvement,
  • Teamwork and our passion for what we do,
  • Valuing our employees, their family, and
  • To encourage balance of work and personal life promoting a healthy lifestyle

Defined by Value Adding Solutions

From basic crops, the most common used raw material, to producing excellent food meals. Health Harvest Food Services strives to be a strategic partner who understands that clients require value‐adding solutions for increased productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

Guided By Strong Values

Health Harvests adopts a business partnering approach, where the development of a close working relationship will result in a win-win situation.

Safety – We put safety first to ensure a quality products and a safe working environment.

Integrity – We act with honesty and conduct ourselves professionally.

Commitment – We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything we do.

Team Work – We are supportive of each other’s efforts and recognise good work.

Customer Service – We are dedicated to satisfying clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations through provision excellent services even going beyond the clients’ expectation.

Meet our Team

Health Harvest has built up an experienced management team with each member bringing a unique set of skills to our business. Team members have senior level experience having worked in the past with national and international catering providers. Below is the list of key staff employed by the organisation.

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